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To Schedule an appointment, call, fax, or email us at the above contact information. 
       All calls are returned within 24 hrs. (See Bottom of Page for Our Mailing Address)

Your Location or Ours. Mobile & Emergency Exams & Evaluations Available

Serving Washington & the Pacific NW. Fast, confidential service, where every client is
treated with dignity and respect. Mobile, Same Day, Emergency Services Available.

NOTE: All Media inquiries MUST respond/inquire by email rather than phone solicitation, with full contact information, and purpose of your inquiry. Due to confidentiality issues, we cannot discuss any current or prior case/client information, and/or specifics about exams. No exceptions. We will try to respond within 24 hrs.

Pricing varies according to location (if mobile), exam type, and urgency, and provided upon request only.

All examinations include: Pre-exam interview, IMMEDIATE verbal results upon  exam completion, guaranteed confidentiality, and a professional, formal report generated within five business days (if requested). Note: To avoid spam, and unauthorized solicitations, all email inquires must contain contact information. Confidentiality is assured. 

We now offer DNA Testing

We have recently partnered with DNA Diagnostic Center to offer both FORENSIC, PATERNITY, IMMIGRATION,
DNA TESTING! Click on the Banner Below, or here, to visit: DNA Diagnostics, or simply contact us.
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See our FAQ Section for General Testing & Exam Accuracy information.

Polygraph Exams, Testing, Evaluations & Consultation For:

Forensic & Paternity DNA Testing

Personal & Private Issue Exams
 Criminal Defense
Specialist In: Relationship/Fidelity/False Accusations Testing

Psycho-Sexual Evaluations (Partial & Full Disclosure)
Sexual Abuse Issues
Specialist In: Family & Marital Issues
Telephone Voice Stress Exams (Private Issue Only)
Other Criminal & Civil Case Issues
(Including Court Appointed)
False Accusations
 Financial Fraud
Corporate & Employment-EPPA
 Employee & Other Theft or Embezzlement

 Substance Use & Abuse
SSOSA/PCSOT (Sex-Offender) Testing
Expert Witness Consultation
Voice Stress Exams (Conditions Apply)
Government Pre-Employment
Film/Television Consultation
Other Examiner Chart Review & Consultation 
EPPA & HIPAA Compliant

As a member of WACDL, we are proud to serve on the State of Washington 
Sex-Offender Legislative Sub-Committee.

*PLEASE NOTE: Payment must be received in advance, at least 24 to 72 hrs prior to

examination date for all Private, Mobile, & Phone Voice Stress Exams.

Psychophysiological Veracity (PV) Examinations

Using the polygraph for defense attorneys, prosecuting attorneys,
law enforcement agencies,  business-industry, government, and private individuals,
is becoming increasingly useful in solving crimes, uncovering hidden issues, exoneration,
and eliminating false accusations, and is fast gaining profound credibility as reliable
evidence in the private, sports, corporate, government, and legal sectors.

Quality Control Reviews

Critical independent review and assessment of PV examinations conducted by other forensic psycho-physiologists.

A Quality Control Review (QCR) is indispensable in assessing the validity and reliability of the preferred

PV examination prior to its submission to the Court and ensuing review by opposing counsel's expert.

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With our education, training, background & experience of over 20 years (click here) in the government, legal, corporate, and private sectors, we have the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive polygraph examinations for every situation, regardless of issue.

..And You Shall Know The Truth, And The Truth Shall Make You Free..

Additional Testing For:

SSOSA Treatment Providers (SOTP)
EPPA & HIPAA Compliant:
 PEOA Certified:

Note: This is Our Mail Only Address

RLK Associates: 16420 SE McGillivray, Suite 103-310, Vancouver, WA. 98683 (USA)
 Info@VancouverPolygraph.org (503)731-8021-Office (866)583-8290-Fax

Certifications, Memberships & Alliances:

N.I.A., Polygraph Examiners of America
Oregon Criminal Defense Lawayers Association: www.ocdla.org
Washington Alliance of Polygraph Examiners
Listed: Washington State Bar Association 
www.wsba.org  (Under Law Links) 
Washington Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys
Member: Institute of Forensic Science, www.acfei.com
American Society for Testing & Materials: www.astm.org
Forensic Investigators Network www.forensicinvestigatorsnetwork.com
August 2007 Polygraph Examiners of America Member of the Month.
Board of Standards, Institute of Twelve Step Counselors Certified.
Listed: Polygraph Connection

We accept credit/debit cards, e-check, cash (local only), cashiers check,
business check, money order (Subject to Terms & Conditions Below).

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  Online Payment Terms/Agreement (Applies to ALL exams/Appointments/Payments).

Once payment has been received, unless the examiner needs to cancel, or reschedule, no refund or any portion thereof will be issued (all exams). No exceptions. The client will have one opportunity to reschedule the appointment, which must take place by phone only, at least one full business day prior to the scheduled appointment date/time without incurring any additional fees. Additionally, the rescheduled appointment must be within three business days of previously scheduled appointment,otherwise, an additional exam fee will be required. Note: Exam charts are proprietary, and in order to maintain client confidentiality, charts will not be released to anyone, and are destroyed/deleted within three days of the exam, and/or once the examination report is completed. No exceptions. Any charge-back attempt will automatically incur an additional $295.00 fee plus the fee for the exam. By scheduling an appointment, and/or submitting payment, the client acknowledges and accepts these terms & conditions.


Mailing (only) Address

RLK Associates
16420 SE McGillivray Blvd.
Suite 103-310
Vancouver WA. 98683
(503) 731-8021-Office
(866) 583-8290-Fax