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                                     Sex Offender Testing (PCSOT) & Evaluations

All Polygraph Examiners at RLK Associates have successfully completed the Post Conviction Sex Offender Training (PCSOT) and have been approved by the Polygraph Examiners of America, and Washington Alliance of Polygraph Examiners to perform both sexual history and monitoring polygraph examinations on sex offenders as part of the clients/examinees 'containment triangle'.

As a member of WACDL, we are proud to serve on the State of Washington Sex-Offender Legislative Sub-Committee.

What sets us apart from other Polygraphers

Interview vs. Interrogation
-History has shown most examiners conducting PCSOT exams, due to a lack of proper training, interviewing skills & techniques, question format, and the main contributor, a pre-conceived, or predisposed 'guilty or suspicious bias' towards the client, have shown a tendency to conduct more of a pre-test interrogation instead of a proper pre-test interview. This causes a subconscious 'intimidation factor' in the clients/examinees psychological mind-set. This unnecessary additional stressor on the examinee, has been proven to affect exam results and erodes the clients confidence in the polygrapher to conduct a fair and impartial exam. 

Studies have shown this type of practice to result in an 'inconclusive, false positive, or false negative" test score, thereby potentially creating undo and unjust hardship on the client. Conversely, recent studies have shown, due to this bias towards the client, the examinee is far less likely to discuss in detail other relevant issues which may be uncovered during the pre-test interview, requiring the necessity to facilitate additional steps with the treatment provider or probation/parole officer. Please Note: Not all examiners conduct their pre-test interviews in this manner. However, studies have shown this to be more the rule than the exception, as many examiners are unaware they possess this pre-disposed 'learned' bias towards their client. As stated, these unethical practices could result in subjecting the client/examinee to false accusations and unnecessary hardship from their treatment providers, family members, probation officers and the courts, as well as the potential for additional relevant elements to remain uncovered.

Test results of exams conducted  in this manner, have been challenged, and dismissed as reliable or viable evidence in court. It is vital for the client to remain calm, still and relaxed in order to obtain a proper psycho-physiological response to all questions, in order to achieve more thorough and targeted exam results. We conduct our pre-test  interviews and exams in a 100% impartial manner. If additional relevant issues are uncovered, we further explore these, and take additional steps if necessary.

With our education, training, and background in sexual addictions and forensic psychology, we believe we are far better prepared to uncover additional relevant issues, as well as conduct a more comprehensive pre-test interview, question format and exam, thus, eliciting a more reliable & accurate psycho-physiological response to the questions from the client, resulting in a much more accurate & impartial exam. We understand the elements of the  addictive psychological mind-set, whereas few other examiners have had this type of education and training.  We are currently in the process of incorporating the use of the Pulse Plethysmograph as an additional sensor tool with polygraphs in PCSOT testing, for even more reliable exam results.  See below for more information.

Therapeutic Testing, to include (Adult/Juvenile):

  •  Psycho-Sexual Evaluation statement verification
  •  Instant Offense reconciliation
  •  Treatment compliance issues
  •  Sexual history verification
  •  Sexual deviance verification

Probation/Parole & SSOSA Provider Compliance Testing

  •  Excellent adjunct to electronic monitoring
  •  Valuable for addiction relapse identification
  •  Identifies domestic violence re-offenders

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing/Evaluations (PCSOT) for:

  •  Treatment providers
  •  Probation/parole officers
  •  Pre-sentence investigators
  •  Court officers

Concealed Information Testing

Court Appointed Testing

The latest in polygraph testing

  •  Not a test of truth or deception, rather, a test of concealed  knowledge.
  •  Scientifically validated and accepted, even by polygraph critics.
  •  We are experts at reviewing cases and developing concealed knowledge "keys" for   polygraph concealed information testing.

Paired testing

  •  Using the "Marin Protocol", we are able to achieve remarkably high  accuracy rates by testing both parties in a situation, using only approved and established testing protocols.
  •  Mainly applicable in civil cases where both parties are represented by counsel and are agreeable to submitting to polygraph testing.
The Use of Polygraph in Treatment Programs

A recently published nine year study of this program showed that the use of the polygraph helped this program's members to be:

* 95% free of new sex crime convictions

* 96% free of new felony convictions

* 89% free of new criminal convictions

* 65% experienced no parole/probation revocations

Full Disclosure Polygraph Examinations

The full disclosure polygraph examination is used to verify that the original disclosure by your clients is comprehensive. As you know, denial is a sanctuary for offenders. Although denial and secrecy obviously served throughout each offender's history, no form of secrecy can be tolerated in treatment. Full disclosure results in progress, acceptance by the group and therapist, and personal relief to have purged oneself of the secrets. To work, the offender disclosures must be complete. The full disclosure examination verifies your client's full participation in your treatment program.

During the pretest interview, the offender has an opportunity to disclosure any information that has not been divulged to the therapist, or group. Quite often new disclosures are made here. The offender completes forms which detail their offenses, not only against the victim(s) of the crime of conviction but for all victims. The examiner and the offender create the examination questions together. If the results show deception, the examiner confronts the offender with the problem and further disclosures may be revealed. The therapist is advised through a written report. This report includes the relevant questions and all information divulged during the pre and post test interviews, plus the examiner's conclusions regarding truthfulness or deception. If results suggest a significant community or treatment concern, the therapist is consulted immediately.

Maintenance Examinations

The maintenance examination is performed every six months, or less, to determine whether the offender had complied with the terms of his treatment. Unauthorized contact with minors or victims is especially scrutinized.

The offender must complete two forms to start his maintenance examination. One addresses probation/parole conformance issues. The other delves into treatment issues. Maintenance examinations are used to verify that no offenses occur during your treatment program. In addition, the sure knowledge of the future requirement of a polygraph examination will help your offenders adhere to your treatment program. 

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