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                           We Offer Our Clients The Following Exam Types, Fees, & Services:

The Best pre-test interviews in the business. In fact, a significant percentage of our polygraph issues have been resolved during the pre-test interview.

We Now Offer Phone/Multi-Sensor Voice Stress Exams. Private, Personal, Relationship Issues Only. Certain Conditions Apply.

Verbal Results Upon Exam Completion!

, validated and reliable testing techniques.

The absolute latest in technology, from state-of-the-art computerized polygraph instruments.
Yearly, in-service polygraph training to ensure we remain on "the cutting edge".

Absolute confidentiality. The most professional polygraph reports in the industry. Unmatched Education & Experience.

Recognized As One Of The Top Agencies In The Pacific NW, We Offer The Following Exam Types:

Office Exam Fees: (See Below)
(All Quoted Fees Are Subject to Change Without Notice. Fees Listed Below Are Office. Call for Mobile)
NOTE: Fees Do Not Reflect Additional Required 8.9% Fee/Tax. All States/Locations.

All Relationship & Other Personal/Private Issues: $295.00 (w/o report) $350.00 (with report).

Criminal, Specific Issue Testing (Including Court Appointed) All Sex Crime Accusations: $350.00. Attorney Referred: $300.00. Maintenance/Re-Test: $225.00
  •  New Crimes
  •  New Allegations & False Accusations

Criminal, Mixed-Issue Testing: $295.00-$395.00 (Depending on Number of Issues)

Juvenile Specialized Testing $395.00

Civil, Specific Issue Testing

  •  Attorney Requested or Private

 Employee Theft (EPPA): Call for Special Pricing. Based on Number of Employees

Free Initial Phone Consultation: Know the truth. Don’t be tormented by uncertainty. Bring your concerns to us for a professional, confidential and personalized polygraph examination to be exonerated if you are being falsely accused. As the only agency who specializes in relationship and other personal/private issues, we are understanding,and compassionate, with expertise in all types personal/private/relationship matters.

Same Day & Emergency Exam Appointments:  Regular Exam Price plus $100.00 Surcharge

Phone Voice-Stress Exams (Personal Only) $150.00 (w/o report; Add $50.00 for report)

Mobile Polygraph Exams
We Serve The Entire Pacific NW. Regular Price plus $100.00 Surcharge & R/T Mileage.

Legal/Agency/Corporate Exams: Call (Special Pricing)

Counselor/Agency Referral Discounts: Call (Special Pricing)

Juvenile Exams (Under 19): $395.00

Mobile Govt./Agency/Legal/Court/Corporate:  Flat Fee
depending on location, distance and exam type. Includes report. Please contact our office to discuss. We have a sliding scale fee structure for multiple exams. We service/travel the entire Pacific NW.

EPPA (Corporate Theft): Call for Special Pricing: (Based on Number of Employees)

Criminal/False Accusations: $295.00 to $395.00

SSOSA/PCSOT/Full Disclosure: $395.00 Initial. $225.00 Maintenance

Psycho-Sexual (Includes Polygraph) (Masters Level/Personal): $1250.00 & Up 

Other Services, Evaluations & Other Testing: Please contact our office to discuss the type of  service, evaluation (Full Disclosure, Psycho-Sexual, Therapy Maintenance, etc.)., expert opinion,  exam reconstruction & other service needs. Fees vary depending the exam/evaluation needed.

Other Government/Corporate/Agency/Legal/Court Ordered Exams (Office & Mobile): We have special pricing arrangements for all Corporate, Agency & Legal Community Exams, including tax waivers. Please call or email to inquire.  Please note: All corporate, agency, and legal  community exams include a formal report included with the exam.

Governmental & Agency Testing Information:
Pre-employment Applicant Testing
  •  Internal Affairs or Professional Conduct testing
  •  Honesty or Veracity testing over reports or specific incidents

Therapeutic Testing & Evaluations, To Include:

  •  Psycho-Sexual Evaluation Statement Verification
  •  Instant Offense reconciliation
  •  Treatment compliance issues
  •  Sexual history verification
  •  Sexual deviance verification

Probation/Parole Compliance Testing

  •  Excellent adjunct to electronic monitoring
  •  Valuable for addiction relapse identification
  •  Identifies domestic violence re-offenders

Post Conviction Sexual Offender Testing (PCSOT) for:

  •  Treatment providers
  •  Probation/parole officers
  •  Pre-sentence investigators
  •  Court officers & Court Appointed Testing 

Concealed Information Testing

  The latest in polygraph testing

  •  Not a test of truth or deception, rather, a test of concealed  knowledge.
  •  Scientifically validated and accepted, even by polygraph critics.
  • We are experts at reviewing cases and developing concealed knowledge "keys" for polygraph concealed information testing.

Paired testing

  •  Using the "Marin Protocol", we are able to achieve remarkably high  accuracy rates by testing both parties in a situation, using only approved and established testing protocols.


    To Submit Payment, Go to our 'Home Page' and click the orange 'Pay Now' button located towards the bottom of the home page. You will be redirected to the payment site. Enter the dollar amount in the blank box on the left. Click the 'Update' link below the box and the processing fee/tax will automatically be added. Proceed to fill in the balance of your credit/debit card and billing information and submit. Once payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email with the exam address and directions. Please note: This IS NOT the same email you receive as a receipt from your payment. 8.9% tax/fee is required regardless of state of residence.

    All fees include: Travel time (if applicable), initial interview/consultation at appointment time, multiple chart examination, verbal results upon completion, and *formal report (see below: only if specifically requested at appt. time), delivered by email in .pdf format, 5 to 10 business days after exam completion). *Conditions apply. See below.
    Accuracy: A properly administered traditional polygraph test is over 98% accurate. Phone Voice-Stress exams are approx. 75-80% accurate (despite what you may hear from others). Note: Phone Voice-Stress Exams are only for personal/private/relationship matters only, and for those out of area.
    Exam Charts: All charts are proprietary, and in order to maintain client confidentiality, under no circumstances are charts released to anyone, and are destroyed/deleted within three days of the exam, and/or once the exam report is complete. No exceptions.
    Small Children: Due to the sensitive nature of the issue(s) and exam equipment, under no circumstances are small children allowed in the interview/exam office. If you have small children, you will need to arrange for child care. This applies to both office, and mobile exams, regardless of location.
     *Formal Report: If the client desires a formal report (private/personal exams), the request must be made at the time of appointment, and has an additional Non- refundable fee of $55.00 plus tax payable at the time of submitting full payment. Formal report is included for all government, corporate, agency, court, legal exams.
    NOTE: Never use an examiner wanting to conduct phone exams from out of area, i.e. Florida, Texas, etc. Always use a Pacific Northwest examiner. There has been a proliferation of this activity which is not accepted in the industry, legal community, or the courts.
    Scheduling: We can conduct same-day (emergency) exams if needed, and can typically get clients in within 24 hours at our location. We are much more flexible on time, since we are the only firm which conducts mobile exams, where we can travel to the clients location.
    Payment Method: You can pay by credit/debit card/e-check through our website, or by cashiers check, or money order. Please note: due to the number of no shows, If paying by credit/debit/e-check, full payment is required at the time of setting the appointment by phone or online. If mailing payment, payment, make payable to RLK Associates, and must be in the form of a money order or cashiers check. If paying by check, all checks MUST clear, prior to the appointment date.
    We typically do not schedule exams out more than 1 to 2 weeks in advance. Note: Exams after business hours (8:30-5:00) weekdays, and on Sundays, are mobile only (exam is conducted at the clients location only). We are closed from Friday at 4:00 p.m. til Sunday 11 a.m. We do not take walk-ins. Appointment times do fill up quickly.

    Terms & Conditions

    Once payment has been received, unless the examiner needs to cancel, or reschedule, no refund or any portion thereof will be issued (all exams). No exceptions. The client will have one opportunity to reschedule the appointment, which must take place by phone only, at least one full business day prior to the scheduled appointment date/time without incurring any additional fees. Additionally, the rescheduled appointment must be within three business days of previously scheduled appointment, otherwise, an additional exam fee will be required. Note: Exam charts are proprietary, and in order to maintain client confidentiality, charts will not be released to anyone, and are destroyed/deleted within three days of the exam, and/or once the examination report is completed. No exceptions Any charge-back attempt will automatically incur an additional $295.00 fee plus the fee for the exam. By scheduling an appointment, and/or submitting payment, the client acknowledges and accepts these terms & conditions.

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