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Why Were Different, Accuracy, & FAQ 


The Difference With Us from Other Examiners 

                                               NOTE: This Affects ALL Polygraph Test:              
                                         Relationship, Corporate, Theft, Criminal, PCSOT, Accusations


Interview vs. Interrogation-History has shown most examiners conducting Polygraph exams, due to a lack of proper training, interviewing skills & techniques, question format, and the main contributor, a pre-conceived, or predisposed 'guilty or suspicious bias' towards the client, have shown a tendency to conduct more of a pre-test interrogation instead of a proper pre-test interview. This causes a subconscious 'intimidation factor' in the clients/examinees psychological mind-set. This unnecessary additional stressor on the examinee, has been proven to affect exam results and erodes the clients confidence in the polygrapher to conduct a fair and impartial exam. Studies have shown this type of practice to result in an 'inconclusive, false positive, or false negative" test score, thereby, potentially creating undo and unjust hardship on the client.

Conversely, recent studies have shown, due to this bias towards the client, the examinee is far less likely to discuss in detail other relevant issues which may be uncovered during the pre-test interview (see below), requiring the necessity to facilitate additional steps with the client. Unfortunately, studies have shown this to be more the rule than the exception, as many examiners are unaware this 'learned' bias exists. As stated, these unethical practices could result in subjecting the client/examinee to false accusations and unnecessary hardship from their Employers, Family Members, Law Enforcement, or the Courts, as well as the potential for additional relevant elements to remain uncovered that may need to be addressed. 

Test results of exams conducted  in this manner, have been challenged, and dismissed as reliable or viable evidence in court.  It is vital for the client to remain calm, still and relaxed in order to obtain a proper psycho-physiological response to all questions, in order to achieve more thorough and targeted exam results. We conduct our pre-test  interviews and exams in a 100% impartial manner. If additional relevant issues are uncovered, we further explore these, and take additional steps if necessary.

With our education, training, and background in these issues, we believe we are far better prepared to uncover additional relevant issues, as well as conduct a more comprehensive pre-test interview, question format and exam, thus, eliciting a more reliable & accurate psycho-physiological response to the questions from the client, resulting in a much more accurate & impartial exam. We understand the elements of the  psychological mind-set, whereas few other examiners have had this type of education and training. 

Concealed Information Testing: The Latest in Polygraph Testing

  •  Not a test of truth or deception, rather, a test of concealed  knowledge.
  •  Scientifically validated and accepted, even by polygraph critics.
  •  We are experts at reviewing cases and developing concealed knowledge "keys" for polygraph concealed information testing.

 Paired testing

  •  Using the "Marin Protocol", we are able to achieve remarkably high  accuracy rates by testing both parties in a situation, using only approved and established testing protocols.
  •  Mainly applicable in civil cases where both parties are represented by counsel and are agreeable to submitting to polygraph testing.

Accuracy & FAQ

There have been more than 100 published scientific studies of the accuracy of polygraph testing. The overall accuracy of a properly administered polygraph test is over 95% for computerized traditional exams, and 75% to 80% for phone voice-stress exams. Please note: There are others claiming phone voice-stress exams are as, or more accurate. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! There is no evidence to support this claim, is not accepted in the legal community, and we offer them solely as a convenient way to get a 'general idea' if an individual is being deceptive (personal/private exams only).

All polygraph testing is confidential and results can only be shared with the examinee and the requester. Our examiners conduct low profile, non-accusatory type interviews. Questions may be modified to meet your specific needs.

I take medication, will this interfere with the test?

Taking medication prescribed by a physician or purchased "over the counter" will not usually interfere with the testing process. If you are taking medication, give the examiner a list of medications taken. Do not discontinue taking medication without the approval of your doctor.

What about Marijuana and other illegal drugs?

The use of illegal drugs is one of the most common chemical counter measures used in polygraph testing. There are no legal or illegal drugs, that will allow someone to "beat" the test. Users of illegal drugs are detectable by changes in normal physiological reactions. Most examiners assume the use of chemicals to beat the test as an indicator of deception or guilt. It is important to remember, some illegal drugs increase the size and duration of reactions. If you are going to tell the examiner the truth, you are better off avoiding prescription medication not prescribed to you or illegal drugs.

Why do your prices for personal/relationship/private exams seem higher, and why do you require advanced payment?

We understand the financial concerns, and payment issues: The reason is simple. The show rate of those who have set an appointment for personal, private , or relationship exams, is less than half. When we set an appointment for a client, this means we cannot schedule anyone else during this time, and if the client fails to show, or cancels within 24 hrs., we cannot reschedule that time slot. As such, we must have strict payment policies in place in order to continue to service other client needs. We are the ONLY agency, where our examiners hold Masters level education in counseling, and behavioral science disciplines, with extensive experience, and as such, this is reflected in our price.

What about Internet sites describing "How to Beat the Polygraph"?

There are several sites on the Internet devoted to "beating" the polygraph. All of the sites we reviewed provided archaic information and application of the "techniques to beat the test" are easily detectable and generally ineffective. Clients using physical counter measures may be disqualified from testing.

Are polygraph tests and results confidential?

Prior to the polygraph test, you will be asked to sign authorization to release the interview and test results. The person or persons to receive test results will be disclosed. As a general rule, test results are confidential. Exceptions to confidentiality, occur when the examiner is a "mandatory reporter" involving child sexual abuse and the test is not conducted for an attorney. Regulatory bodies have access to tests and test information. Regulatory authority is prohibited from disclosing confidential information.

Why is only your mailing address but not the exam address on your website?

Due to the highly sensitive nature of our industry, our relationship with clients, required confidentiality, and the confidential relationships we have with both individuals, corporations, other agencies, and government agencies, our exam address is revealed only after full payment has been received by the client. This is to protect our examiners, clients, and business relationships, as well as maintain confidentiality requirements. We DO NOT accept walk-ins under any circumstances. 


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